Fire Claim

Fire Claims – Claiming on your insurance

A  fire of any size is possibly the most upsetting and stressful experience. The first and most important things to to do are:

  1. Organise alternative accommodation for you and your family,
  2. Recover any property from the damaged area that can be salvaged,
  3. Organising your property so that it is properly secured against further damage

Clearys Loss Assessors have worked with thousands of clients over 27 years and there is no other firm in Ireland better equipped to assist you to deal with your insurance claim.

It may be that is was just a small fire, which has done very little visible damage, it is often found that the effects of smoke can remain for months and can represent a health risk plus it may continue to cause damage to your contents and the decor of your property

Here’s why Clearys are the best choice for you…

  • We operate on a No Win – No Fee policy
  • We manage all communication with your insurance company right through to final settlement.
  • We commit to you that we will never settle on your behalf unless you are receiving your full entitlement
  • As an established firm, we have a good working relationship with all insurers
  • Our qualified assessors are thorough and professional and understand the stress related to events of this kind
  • All claims are overseen by a director

Here’s how Clearys Loss Assessors will help you with your Fire Claim.

So often, fire damage creeps into areas that you cannot see and the soot finds its way into electronic equipment. So often, corrosion damage is not visible at the time you are making an inventory of your damaged goods and this corrosion only becomes obvious perhaps a year or two later when your electronic equipment fails and it’s too late to put in an insurance claim.

We ensure that all electrical equipment is properly cleaned inside and out because the effects of smoke damage can linger and only present itself after a number of year, by which time, its too late to make a claim on the insurance.

It is important that you call Clearys Loss Assessors as soon as you can after the fire. Very often, people call the insurance company first and they will send a Loss Adjuster first to the scene. Its fair to say that the first couple of days after the fire are critical to making a successful claim.

The Loss Adjuster will also visit the site of the fire and compile a report which he will submit to the insurance company. We need to create a report as well because this will often form the basis of any negotiation that may follow.

We all know that these situation can be stressful for families and we like to assure client of minimal disruption in relation to dealing with insurance companies and claims.

Call Clearys if you would like help with your insurance claim. Our number is 1850 28 1850. We operate all over Ireland with offices in Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Kilkenny

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