Flood/Water Damage

Flooding or water damage?

Flooding or any kind of water damage can have major consequences for your home or business. As we all know, much of the damage comes from beneath and the damage to infrastructure is often far greater than the damage to the contents and floor coverings.

Clearys Loss Assessors have dealt with thousands of clients over 27 years and there is no other firm in Ireland better equipped to deal with your insurance claim. As with most disasters, it is critical that you call us immediately because the quality of the claim will depend on you acting speedily to get a clear assessment of all the damage.

The Loss Adjuster will also visit the site of the fire and compile a report which he will submit to the insurance company. We need to create a report as well because this will often form the basis of any negotiation that may follow.

Here’s why Clearys are the best choice for you…

  • We operate on a No Win – No Fee policy
  • We manage all communication with your insurance company right through to final settlement.
  • We commit to you that we will never settle on your behalf unless you are receiving your full entitlement
  • As an established firm, we have a good working relationship with all insurers
  • Our qualified assessors are thorough and professional and understand the stress related to events of this kind
  • All claims are overseen by a director

How Clearys Loss Assessors will manage your Water / Flood Claim.

As mentioned above, its the damage to the fabric of the building that can be most devastating, often caused by the incorrect drying out of the property.

Care must be taken to prevent dry or wet rot in the property and you must sanitise and use ant fungal agents to do this. This is often neglected. We will advise on the correct procedure. It is important that this is done prior to using any for of de-humidifier.

Again, it is important to use equipment which will dry out the building slowly, taking care to avoid any shrinkage.

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